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Title: Another BLE Smart Accessory - Perfect Calorie Monitor Pro
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Saw this at some big chain store recently, so I decided to buy one ($39) and tear into it. Uses a TI CC2541 based BLE module from ILOGICTECH ...and they may or may not have written the App (Perfect App in the iTunes App store) that goes with this accessory. Not the sleekest design, nor the best app, but for 40 bucks, it's okay. Assembly of the unit and build quality of the board is average. 
Not pictured was the small 9 conductor ribbon cable between the main board and the LCD board. This unit also has a small E2PROM for 14 days worth of data storage, and a small 3 axis accelerometer (part making BOM7A ... looks to be I2C comms). 
Front (with small backlit LCD.) 
One side ... 
The other side ... 
Inside ... 

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