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Title: Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822-EVK Eval Kit
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So we received our Nordic nRF51822 Eval Kits (for customer related Bluetooth LE work) back in October. You get a dongle, which can be plugged into a PC and used with their Master Emulator software ( … haven't tried with the iOS simulator … ), and a no-frills demo board. 
The Nordic kit is about the same price as the TI CC2540 kit, with the TI kit giving you a very nice keyfob remote. 
In my humble opinion, the nRF51822 has one very distinct "developer" advantage over the TI part. The TI kit uses (requires you to use! - see below -) the IAR tool chain. With it, you get a free 30 day unlimited license, after that you roll back to 32K. If you need to continue to do development, you'll need to shell about $3000 for a full version of the tool chain ( … your code linked with the TI library >> 32K … ). 
On the other hand, Nordic uses Keil tools, but the development process is architected in such a way that you can continue to use the 32K evaluation edition for development (after 30 days). The Nordic Bluetooth LE MAC / PHY firmware ("softradio") is a completely separate pre-built "library" with no external dependencies. This softradio gets separately loaded into the part, and you merely call it from your separate firmware. So, as long as YOUR code does not exceed 32K, you are golden.  
One other interesting development angle for the Nordic part - since the softradio and your firmware are separate, you can use other tool chains for development - i.e. GCC! Lastly, the Nordic part uses an ARM cortex M0, while the TI uses an 8051 … I'll let you decide which one comes out on top. 

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