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Title: Tektronix 2782 Spectrum Analyzer and the wonky RTC-58321
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I purchased this Tektronix 2782 SA a few years ago. And for the most part I've been very happy with its performance. There were a few things that did bother me though. One was a cold start issue where the unit couldn't detect one of the YIGs. After a warm up (and an unplug / replug / restart cycle) the unit would work fine. The second issue was a little more mundane, but annoying none the less ... the Real Time Clock was stuck! How could that be?! 
So, a trip to eBay to find some NOS Statek RTC-58321 real time clock IC's (really only needed one, but bought a few). And after a bit of minor surgery to remove and replace the part, all is well (at least for the clock). The startup issue was a little harder to fix. I had to replace the internal 500Mhz oscillator, as the module that was in there was previously (incorrectly) replaced from an older rev. So that's 2 for 2. In the end, I now have a fully functioning 2782. 
Perhaps (as John Miles KE5FX warns me) I might need to replace the electrolytic caps someday soon ... apparently they come from an era where they leak electrolyte and can cause lots of issues. 

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