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Title: iDevices Switch
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Speaking of CES2017 and all of the Apple HomeKit - kit, here is an older device for your viewing pleasure the HomeKit compatible iDevices Switch. I picked these up at Home Depot this past fall on clearance. Three were purchased for $13.03 (from $49.99) and one was purchased for $0.01 - that's right, I purchased one for a penny. 
Side story about Home Depot clearance pricing - when a product reaches $xx.03, it's essentially gone (or going to be gone very very soon). At the next markdown interval, the store reset team marks them down to a penny and that is managements cue to literally clear them out (as in one destination is the trash). I "caught one" still on the shelf that showed $13.03, but the computer had already marked it down to $0.01. SWEET! 
Without further delay... 
Click to embiggen (~3.5MB) 
Markdown price for 3 units... 
Click to embiggen (~3MB) 
Guts. Pretty sure the smt IC in the lower left is an Auth IC. Seems to have numbering that I recognize (For complete disclosure, I have a license, but I don't divulge details). A few Broadcom parts. 
Click to embiggen (~2MB) 
Click to embiggen (~1.5MB) 
After the teardown, I'm not sure how I feel about this unit. Seems to be very well built, which is good ... however, can a thing be too well built? 
Click to embiggen (~1.5MB) 

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