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Title: Log Periodic Dipole Array
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We decided to start the construction of an EMC measurement antenna. So the choice was a Log Periodic antenna - it's basic characteristics are: 
- Frequency range: 200Mhz to 3Ghz 
- 23 Elements 
- Tau = 0.86 
- Sigma = 0.065 
- Psi (separation angle) ~ 4 degrees 
- Gain ~ 6.5dB 
Construction materials are copper-plated brass rectangle box for the feeders, and brass round stock (tube and solid) for the dipole elements. We'll be going down to MS&T - Missouri University of Science and Technology - (formerly UMR) for testing to determine the Antenna Factor curve. 
Pics (Corresponding images are below titles) ... 
Milling the holes for the dipole elements - 
Finished holes for the dipole elements - 
Final raw materials ready for final assembly - 
Assembly starting at the high frequency end - 
Finished antenna - 
Still need to add mounting sections and the coax/N-connector. 
Here's a modified Excel spreadsheet we used for developing some of the basic parameters: 

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