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Title: Nike+iPod remote
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I found this "watch" / remote control while on a Christmas shopping trip to Chicago. I had previously seen various accounts of this device around the internet (including the FCC testing report), but hadn't seen one in person. The "shell" of the product is pretty well done ... perhaps the clasp could've used a little more engineering - however, the guts were pretty straight forward. 
Here are a few views of the teardown: 
This is of the top outward-looking face. Note the array of LED's of the display; if you did "charlieplexing", it would only take 7 I/O lines to drive the 35 LED's in this array (# = N(N-1) I/O's). They do not appear to do that, using instead 12 I/O lines in a standard Row/Column drive: 

Here's a slightly closer view of the LED array:  
Back side (battery) view: 
Heart of the matter ... Top IC is an nRF2402 (same as what's used in the Nike+iPod footpod emped) with its associated "blue" chip antenna on the far right. The bottom IC is an 'F331 microcontroller from Silicon Labs. The black epoxy blob on the left is a clock asic. Buttons (there is one on each side, and five on the face) appear to go to the microcontroller. 
I've captured some data from the various pieces (footpod, iPod transceiver, and the watch) that I'll post at a later date. 

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